Gas-Sense is a solution to ensure you never run out of gas again! Our powerful sensor can monitor any standard size, propane, butane LPG or other liquid fuel tank.

The Future of Fuel

iPhone App

The Gas-Sense strip uses a bluetooth link which ensures that whenever you are near your bottle, your phone updates to get the most up to date information about your bottle. You can then pull out your mobile phone at any point to use any of our powerful features.

Open your app at any time to see your last recorded percentage fill.
Forget about your bottle and relax, when you are low, you'll get a reminder.
Useful information - our algorithm learns to give you perfectly timed reminders.
iPhone App


Knowing when to change a gas bottle isn't always easy so many people buy a back-up or risk running out unexpectedly is a real pain - it might leave you cold or with hungry in-laws, either way it will spoil your day. Meet Gas-Sense!


We love to keep things simple and easy. The Gas Sense monitor is an elegant magnetic strip which attaches to virtually any bottle, which means less time setting up and more time relaxing. Easily pair with your smartphone and get notifications when you are running low.


Connect in with your smartphone, using one of our iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps. Using pour state of the art Bluetooth implimentation, Get real-time feedback about your bottle fill and estimated time remaining.


Are you a gas bottle supplier? We also have a range of services for the supply chain.